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15.07.2013 14:37Volker Münz
Guten Tag Herr Dr. Wrobel, mit großer Freude habe ich die Nachricht gelesen, dass das Retina Implant nun mit dem CE Kennzeichen versehen wurde und damit die Zulassung erhalten hat. Ich gratuliere Ihnen und allen Beteiligten für diesen Erfolg. Die zahlreichen Schritte bis zu diesem Durchbruch habe ich wie viele RP-Betroffene genau verfolgt. Die Hoffnung wächst, dass bei einem weiteren Fortschreiten meiner Erkrankung, wenn es dann soweit ist, mir wieder etwas Licht am Ende des Tunnels geschenkt werden kann. Es wäre großartig, dadurch ein wenig mehr Selbstständigkeit zu erlangen. Ihnen und Ihrem Team danke ich für die jahrelange unermüdliche Arbeit und wünsche weiter große Erfolge. Es grüßt Sie herzlich Volker Münz

20.04.2013 23:19MaryEmma
My sister born 1913 suffered her lifetime with RP before Johns Hopkins research and Gund, et all stepped in. She died in the 1970's but research is not too late for my grandchildren and future great grandchildren should mutant genetics find their way to them. I am an interested audience and welcome any and all efforts on the part of the blind anywhere in the world. Keep up the good work.

10.09.2012 23:56Regina
Sehr gut!

11.05.2012 03:36Debbie Costa
I work for an agency in New York and have many clients whom I work with that have RP at varying stages. Any additional information would be most appreciated.

05.05.2012 10:34Ali Haroon
Any approximation of the cost of this operation? and from where we can start? Please help with any misinformation. Thanks Ali

30.11.2011 19:47Jody Allen
I called and placed my FIL on the waiting list for the Wills Eye trial. He is 60 and has Retina Eye Pigmentosa. I was also treated at Wills Eye by Carol Shields in '09 for a Eye Melanoma. You are partnering with the best, good luck to a fast approval from the FDA.

16.06.2011 23:38Mila Birger
My sister was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) at the age of 23, and gradually lost her vision until her 40th. Currently, she is 63 years old, and she is blind since 1990. She is living in Israel; however, she is ready to fly to Germany, UK or USA in order to participate in the studies, if it is possible. In addition, we understand that your clinical studies are currently at the International stage. Just in case you need more volunteers, I believe that we could help to get a group of as many subjects as needed in Israel, since we are connected to the local “blind” society. Please, let me know what I can do in order my sister to become a part of the studies.

21.01.2011 16:04preda remus valeriu
I want to ask if a person profiled with this diagnostic: H33;H47;H52;VOS=fpl; VOD=pmm (handicap code in Romania) could be helped by a retina implant, and if so, how could he get on a "pacient list"? He is now at the age of 61!

09.01.2011 12:40maria wachter
an herrn prof. zrenner , zwar sehe ich fast jeden samstagabend MENSCHEN DER WOCHE . die vorstellung von prof zrenner und seiner arbeit war wohl das interessanste , was frank elstner je vorstellte . mein urgroßvater war einst der pionier der staroperation im rheinland , die er in berlin um 1855 bei albrecht von graefe kennengelernt hatte . mooren leitete die erste städtische augenklinik in düsseldorf ( albert mooren ) . mit seinem leben und schaffen habe ich mich intensiv befaßt und sehe nun den großen einsatz und fortschritt zur hilfe in unserem jahrhundert an den patienten, die ohne hoffnung wären ohne ihre arbeit .ganz großartig . und viele gute erfolge für sie und erst recht für die , die hilfe bekommen können . 81 jahre Maria wachter köln

24.11.2010 22:21DR EDWARD KOSCIC
Do you have rep in the USA ?

09.11.2010 02:49alexandra
hola,,,mi padre sufre retinitis pigmentosa hace ya 7 años,,,todavia tiene un reflejo de luz, que ya se esta consumiendo,,, me gustaria tener mas informacion,, acerca de este tratamiento y cirujia,, seria de gran utilidad.

05.11.2010 08:32alvaro hernan correa villegas
soy colombiano y no se aleman pero quiero decirles q mi papa sufre de retinopatia pigmentaria desde hace 12 años y nos gustaria participar de esta investigacion ademas otra parte de la familia como un tio sufre de la misma enfermedad. a mi papa le han hecho muchas cirugias para detenerle la enfermedad si hay alguna respuesta se los agradeceria mucho respondiendome al e-mail

04.11.2010 19:03Ronnie
Unbelivable! To be able to follow a road and to se where that big house is is a help so large that it can´t be explained in words. Perhaps I don´t look at the right place but will this method work for those that has had RP since they were born 1994 and has always had 1-2% intake of light?

04.11.2010 09:53Rakesh
My father can not see since many years. He has retinitis pigmentosa If you need a subject for more trial he would be ready. Kindly reply, Mumbai, India

04.11.2010 05:28Anushya
hi, my son has visual impairment since birth. he is effected with LCA. has only light perception. dr said problem in retina. i would like to know,is this retina implant will useful for him. i mean can do that surgery for him.will he get any improvement by this?at present or in future? thank you

03.11.2010 14:50james andrea
In the early 1950s several thousand pre-mature babies in the US had their retina "burned" by oxygen settling to the bottom of the incubators, which was only realized after the tragedy. My 59-year-old cousin is one of those blinded. Can this condition now or soon be remedied? Jim Andrea

04.10.2010 12:27Anna Shomesova
Hello, I'd like to inquire how can i have an appointment regarding eye implantat (sorry if I named it wrong). It's about my aunt. She can't see for many years. I hope yo get any reply from you. Thank you.

27.09.2010 17:36Dr.Aggie Carson-Arenas
I had an unsuccessful retinal detachment operation done by the Shiley Eye Center of La Jolla. This was done two years ago. The 'oil' injected into my left eye was never 'removed.' Can retina implant still possible. In case you need a research subject, I am interested.

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