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Since 1995, the research consortium “subretinal microphotodiodes” has been developing a subretinal implant.

Partner of this research consortium are:

UKT University Eye Hospital Tübingen,
Dept. for Pathophysiology of Vision and Neuro-ophthalmology (Director Prof. Dr. med. E. Zrenner)
NMI NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen
(Director Prof. Dr. H. Hämmerle)
IMS Institut für Mikroelektronik Stuttgart
(Director Prof. Dr. Joachim N. Burghartz)
Logo University Eye Hospital Regensburg
(Director: PD Dr. med. H. Sachs)
IPE Institut für Physikalische Elektronik, University of Stuttgart
(Director Prof. Dr. rer. nat. J. H. Werner)
Mikro Institute of Microelectronics, University of Ulm
(Prof. Dr. A. Rothermel)

In the beginning, so-called “passive” implants were developed that used only the sun-light falling onto the eye for its source of energy. In-vitro experiments showed that electrical current produced solely by solar energy would by far fall short of the activating retinal cells. Therefore, a so-called “active” implant was conceived, developed and produced that can be supplied with extra energy and thus is enabled to stimulate retinal nerve cells.
As a result of the research consortium’s efforts, 9 patent families evolved that protect internationally all crucial aspects of the “active” implant being applied today and these patents are going to be transferred to the Retina Implant AG

So far, the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) has invested about € 6.5 million.