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    Articles from 2016
    Articles from 2012
    • Two blind British men have electronic retinas fitted [3 May - external link]
      BBC Medical correspondent Fergus Walsh discusses the results of the first two patients involved in the UK clinical trial. Professor Robert MacLaren and Tim Jackson are featured as the leading investigators of the UK trial. 
    • 'I've dreamed in colour for the first time in 20 years': Blind British [3 May - external link]
      Dailymail Reporter Jenny Hope features the dramatic story of Chris James, one of the first patients in the UK to be receive Retina Implant’s device. In this article James noted that after receiving the implant he dreamt in color after decades of total darkness. 
    • Tomorrow's Medicine [May - external link]
      Professor Eberhart Zrenner and patient Miikka Terho are featured in the section in Scientific American devoted to the Bionic Eye in the article looking at the medicine of tomorrow.
    • Retinal Implant Brings Eyesight To The Blind [11 February - external link]
      Forbes.com Blogger Alex Knapp writes about Retina Implant’s technology, the results of the first human clinical trial and the promise of the technology.
    • How Would You Like Your Bionic Vision? [13 January - external link]
      IEEE Spectrum included information about Retina Implant in a feature discussing the retinal implant market, including commentary from Professor Eberhart Zrenner.

    Articles from 2011
    • The next step in bionics [9 October - external link]
      CBS Sunday Morning features Retina Implant’s microchip technology in a piece about the future of bionic body parts.
    • Retinal implants restore useful vision [October - external link]
      Clinical Services Journal discusses the benefits of placing retinal implants below the retina and comments on Retina Implant AG’s successful trial data.
    • An Implantable Bionic Eye [April - external pdf file, 1.4Mb]
      The April issue of Popular Science features Retina Implant’s technology in its annual “How It Works” feature.

    Articles from 2010


    Articles from 2009
    • Eurotimes 07/2008 "Overcoming the fragmented research space in ophthalmology", 07.08.2009 [2.32 MB]
      Ophthalmologists have reached a defining moment in the history of their discipline not only because there are so many new possibilities for diagnistics and therapy offered by new discoveries in mocecular cell biology, bur also because the world's ageing population means that there will be a greater number of people than ever before with sight-threatening diseases.

    • retinosis.org "Ensayos Clínicos con Prótesis", 02.06.2009 [26.63 KB]
      ENSAYO CLINICO DE PRÓTESIS SUBRETINIANAS REALIZADO EN ALEMANIA presentado por el Dr. Eberhart Zrenner, profesor del Departamento de Patofisiología de la Visión de la Universidad de Tuebingen, Alemania (Retina Implant Pilot Trial to Evaluate Safety & Efficacy in Blind Patients Having Degenerated Photo-Receptors)

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