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Medical Goals

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What is the advantage for the patient?

Based on the technical characteristics of the implant, theoretically a visual field of 12° can be obtained. Statements about the attainable visual acuity could only be made on the basis of the technical characteristics and the results from animal experiments. Theoretically, 10% vision should be attainable.

As a result, it should become possible again for a patient to orient him- or herself in a room without another person’s help and to move freely about. Conceivably, it should also become possible to recognize objects and faces. Whether or not patients who have received an active chip implant from Retina Implant AG will be able also to read can only be known when the results of the first clinical study trials become available.

In a first step only RP patients shall receive the implant. If successful, then the patient group shall be expanded to include advanced cases of age related macula degeneration.